Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Something you never plan for is your child to pass away, you shouldn't have to, we shouldn't have had to, but we did.
Funerals, coffin, cemetery plots, headstones, etc. is something you shouldn't have to worry about for your children and it is definitely nothing we prepared or saved for.
The costs were piling up but to be quite honest we didn't even care. We would have to find a way to take care of everything no matter what it took.
This is where our amazing friends who have now become family stepped in. They are better known as the DOWN SOUTH ROLLERS, a car club down here in New Orleans. Not only did they deposit money in the account we had opened for donations, not only did several members make cash donations at Laila's funeral, not only did they send the most beautiful flower arrangement with actual angel wings to the funeral home, they thought of, set up, organized, and successfully pulled off a huge benefit car show in Laila's honor with all proceeds donated to us to assist with all of the funeral and burial expenses.
This is the flyer that was displayed everywhere and anywhere that would allow.
This is the front of the beautiful shirts they had made for us all to wear.
I had been friends with all of the members of the car club for a few years, and I knew we all valued each others friendships but I never would have expected them to do what they did. For them to all come together and stand behind us during the worst time of our lives was something we didn't expect.
Not only will they be lifelong friends of ours but we will never be able to express our thanks or even come close to repaying all they have done for us.
One of their members April was actually Laila's babysitter, but I like to refer to her as her second mom, she loved her some April, Jimmy, and their kids. She fit right into their family:)
I am not going to start naming names because I am sure I would forget someone and I would never want to do that. Randy and I love each and every one of you and couldn't ask for better friends. You all gave us a reason to smile on our darkest days, you kept us going when all we wanted to do was quit and even to this day all of you know how to get me out of my house and force me to have a good day. And for all of those things and more, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you, thank you, thank you.

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